Thursday, August 16, 2012

ulinziSMS :: Mobile SMS Encryption now available for Android smartphones and tablets

With the recent phone tapping bill passed into law in Uganda and other countries, secure communication is the only tool to protect people's freedoms in the face of paranoid governments that continue to violate our freedoms and rights to privacy.
"ulinziSMS" is a mobile security application that encrypts your message box, establishes secure sessions between communicating entities and also encrypts your messages on transmission. It utilizes the complexity of elliptic curves to deliver the highest level of cryptographic schemes available today.

ulinziSMS was designed to meet the communication needs of civil rights groups and other people with a need to communicate securely.

MobileLabs is also in advanced stages of developing a voice security solution for Android smartphones. "ulinziVoice" will go a long way in extending voice encryption technology to mobile end-users. 

For a free ulinziSMS Android installer, send me an email on ""


yarrays said...

I loved all of these posts. A lot of these things we have, but I got some really great ideas.

Pgp encryption

allan atukunda said...

Hei, checked out yr website. Great security solutions u have there. Do u have any mobile security apps I cd possibly look at or work on ?

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