Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bigups to UCC and Warid Telecom for Championing Price Reductions in our Telecommunications Sector

Following Warid Telecom's unprecedented price cuts a few days ago, the major players in Uganda's telecom sector reacted pretty fast to announce price reductions to a record low of 3 shillings per second for calls across all networks. Am wondering why MTN, Zain and UTL had to wait for Warid to announce price cuts before they could jump on the band wagon and reduce their rates too.

If you may recall, following an announcement by the Uganda Communications Commission to fix interconnection rates across networks earlier this year, MTN ran to court to block the move, in fear of cut-throat competition. Fortunately, UCC's announcement came to fruition and call rates have dropped instantly.

We should have more new policies like this implemented in Uganda to curb unfair competition in our private sector and weed out deliberate extortion by such companies.


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